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Once you understand the Father's love and will for you, you are ready to grow. This is a time of rapid learning and connection. Understanding how to grow by grace will help you to put your faith into practice well.

Needs of those in the
Growing Stage

Image by Rod Long


How does the Bible apply to your life today?  How do you use it along with prayer to grow and be effective for the Lord? You need understanding of how to apply Biblical truths.

Support Group


Learning to live in the family that God gave you is important, but can sometimes be overwhelming.  Starting with a small group can help.

Coffee Shop


You were made for a purpose.  Begin exploring your purpose through service opportunities on Sundays.


Ever wonder what it means to be under grace? Do you know how to live guilt free and holy at the same time? This workbook addresses what it means to grow in grace. 


Our groups have intentional leaders who seek to build relational environments that will help you to grow in your understanding of the Lord, His Word, and His people. Groups meet continually throughout the year and study topics relevant to them. Check out our Small Group Directory to find the one just right for you.

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