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Our Discipleship Ministry is dedicated to equipping disciple-makers and to helping everyone fall in love with their Bible, God, and His Church. Through in-depth, relevant Bible studies, training videos, and tips to building closer and more effective discipleship groups, we are building Bible-literate and fired-up believers for His Kingdom.

Spiritual Assessment

We believe that every good endeavor needs an end goal and a path.  Figuring out the specifics of our growth can be difficult. Do we focus on connection or study?  Service or outreach?  Every stage in the process has its own unique needs. That's why we have created a path with all the tools and teaching you need to grow closer to God at that stage. We want you to breathe in the peace of knowing you are on the right path! To get you started, we created a quick self-assessment to help you know where to begin.

See the full rubric.

Small groups are a key aspect of our church community. We see in Acts that the early church accomplished the goal of disciple-making by focusing on the Word, prayer, and fellowship. That's why we emphasize joining a small group in order to help support your spiritual growth. Check out our Small Group directory and contact if you have any questions about getting connected with a group. 

Small Group Directory

Small Group Directory

Ready to join a group? Pick a group that will meet your needs.


You are new to the faith and are eager to learn about God and His Church.


You are ready to grow through understanding His Word and how it applies to your life.


You want to use what you have learned to connect with His Church and your purpose.


You are ready to help others grow in their faith and learn their purpose.

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