What is CLOSER Look?

CLOSER Look Discipleship is a ministry dedicated to equipping disciple-makers and to helping everyone fall in love with their Bible, God, and His Church. Through in-depth, relevant Bible studies, training videos, and tips to building closer and more effective discipleship groups, we are building Bible-literate and fired-up believers for His Kingdom.

Where to Start?

We believe that every good endeavor needs an end goal and a path.  Jesus told us the end goal of discipleship when he told his disciples that he would make them fishers of men.  He also told his disciples the path for making new disciples when he said, "teach them to obey all that I have commanded you."  Yet figuring out the specifics of that can be difficult. Do we focus on connection or study?  Service or outreach?  Every stage in the process has its own unique needs. That's why we have created a path with all the tools and teaching you need to grow closer to God at that stage. We want you to breathe in the peace of knowing you are on the right path! To get you started, we created a quick self-assessment to help you know where to begin.

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Beginning or Growing

Ever wonder what it means to be "under grace?"  Do you know how to live guilt free and holy at the same time?  This video series addresses what it means to grow in grace.  It will help newer believers start well and growing believers fine tune their walk.  Each video comes with foundational truths, verses to dig in to, and application for today. 

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After you have learned the foundations of grace, you are ready to start digging into your Bible to learn deeper truths that will transform your life and equip you to share your faith with others.

We offer free workbooks and groups with a twist.  

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Want to begin making disciples? A CLOSER Look at Discipleship will help you do just that. Watch interviews and trainings from seasoned disciple-makers. How do you create an environment where people want to talk?  How do you plan for a lesson?How do you fight the overwhelm? How do you hold people accountable without feeling awkward? 

Watch these videos for those answers and more.   

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