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Pastoral Succession Plan

The Timeline

Succession Plan Timeline (1640 × 924 px) (2).png

Interview 1: Succession Timeline Discussion

In Sharon's interview with Pastor R, Pastor Jon, Amir, and Tim, they discuss the Pastoral Succession timeline, the September 17th, 2023 Leadership Handoff, and Pastor R's retirement in December 2024. 

Interview 2: September 17th Leadership Handoff Service

In Sharon's interview with Pastor R, Pastor Jon, Amir, and Tim, they discuss the significance of our September 17th Leadership Handoff Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How was the succession timeline created?

After Pastor R announced his desire to retire in 5 years in 2017, an elder succession committee was formed in 2021 to evaluate next steps and succession in order to smoothly transition leadership. Once Pastor Jon’s calling was confirmed in early 2022, Pastor R determined that he would like to retire from full-time employment in December of 2024, to give the elders and Jon adequate time to prepare. The elders unanimously agreed to make the leadership handoff in the Fall of 2023 in order to allow for a gradual transition of leadership before Pastor R officially retires. We are blessed to have the opportunity to have ample time to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Will we have a chance
to celebrate Pastor R
and Debbie?

Yes. We are planning to have a celebration for Pastor R and Debbie at the end of 2024 and want our entire

congregation to join us in showing our love and appreciation for their love, sacrifice, and leadership of the

church. More details will be provided when the date and time are confirmed.

What will things look after September 17, 2023, with Pastor R and Pastor Jon’s roles?

Pastor Jon will take on the role of Lead Pastor and Pastor R will move into a full-time role of Teaching Pastor and remain in that role until his retirement in December 2024. Pastor Jon will be responsible for the leading and shepherding of our congregation, staff, and elders, setting the vision and direction for the church. Pastor R will support Jon in his role and share the preaching and teaching on Sundays and worship planning. They will continue to partner as they have to ensure a smooth transition through December 2024.

What is the significance of the Leadership Handoff Service on September 17, 2023?

Among other things, the service is a celebration of our commitment and passion for discipleship. It is a testament to the Lord’s sovereign work to lead us through change and prepare us for our next journey with Him. He has been faithful to provide a leadership path after R’s retirement and has blessed us with a clear vision in the area of succession. It is also a time to honor the dedication, love, and service of Pastor R in carrying the difficult mantel of leadership for almost 40 years. It is a blessing to reflect on all that God has done since the beginning of Grace Community Church and to expectantly look forward to all that He will do as He leads us into the future.

Will Jon continue to oversee his previous responsibilities after September 17th?

Yes. For the time being, Jon will continue to oversee church administration, finances, facilities, and other duties. After we finish the new multipurpose space project, and when we are in an appropriate financial position, Jon will lead the hiring of an associate pastor to help partner on many of those responsibilities. The plan is to have this all accomplished before Pastor R’s retirement in December of 2024.

What will be the responsibilities of the new Associate Pastor?

The new Associate Pastor will oversee discipleship, family life, and various aspects of the administration and oversight of the church. He will partner closely with Jon in leading these areas. He will also be part of the preaching and teaching team. There is flexibility as to the exact roles and responsibilities dependent on how he is gifted.

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