Sunday Morning Greenhouse

Cultivating a safe climate where kids connect with Christ

Kid Playing with Bubble


BABIES - 3 years

A welcoming, safe, loving atmosphere for our little ones

9am Service

Sunshine Room

Babies - 23 months


Sprouts Room

2-3 year olds

10:45 Service

Sprouts Combined

Babies-3 year olds


4years - Kindergarten

Interactive playtime, circle time, Bible lesson, craft, activity, snack, and games

Children in Classroom


1st - 5th Grades

Our 1st- 5th grade children attend the beginning of worshp with our "big church" and are dismissed to classes where they dive into God's Word and apply through object lessons, activities and crafts. 

9am Service

Separate Classes

1st  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  

10:45 Service

Combined Classes

1st  - 5th  


OCTOBER: Hear Me Roar

Study in Daniel

There’s a reason lions are symbols of courage — even their roars (which can be heard up to five miles away) tell us how strong they are! And because of God’s promises, we can be as strong and bold as lions, too. In this five-week series, kids will learn important truths from the life of Daniel they’ll want to shout (or roar!), like how we don’t have to give up and don’t have to feel alone. Instead, we can keep learning and not be afraid, even when we don’t know the future.

Why? Because God is with us!