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    A CLOSER Look at Romans 1-5

    Have you ever wanted to share the gospel, but not known how? In this study of Romans 1-5, you will learn how Paul became eager and unashamed to share the gospel through both knowledge and first hand experience. Learn the beauty and the timeless truths of the gospel and how to share it through your personal testimony.


    A CLOSER Look at Joshua

    Life is a little scary right now. Everything changed overnight and we aren't certain about what is ahead. What the future will look for us, for our families? Will we thrive or just get by? One thing is certain, life is calling for a lot of courage.

    In this 6-week study of the book of Joshua you will discover principles and strategies to be courageous...even during these uncertain times.


    A CLOSER Look at Philippians

    Do you find contentment always just out of your reach?  Do you long to find joy and peace in your circumstances and relationships?  We all do sometimes. Could it be because we are looking in the wrong place? This 8-week study of the book of Philippians will walk you through how the Apostle Paul learned contentment in all things.


    A CLOSER Look at 1 Peter

    At some point in life, you will experience suffering, or pain, or the loss of something dear.  In those times you may ask God why or you may question His goodness. To endure, you will need to understand the purpose of suffering. In this 4-week study of 1 Peter, you will walk through Peter's words of encouragement to hurting believers as well as look at his own story of trial and restoration.


    A CLOSER Look at Colossians

    The world has a lot to say about confidence. But what does God have to say? In this 6-week study of Colossians, you will learn how to find steadfast faith, unshakeable identity, and a focused purpose for your life. Learn to have Christ-confidence.

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    A CLOSER Look at Prayer

    We have been given the privilege of prayer. When we are hurt, joyful, regretful, or confused, we can go to the Heavenly Father. In this 4-week study, you. will look at 4 powerful prayers in the Bible to learn how you can be more bold in your prayers.


    A CLOSER DIY Workbook

    Have you ever wondered what THAT book of the Bible was about? This workbook is a do-it-yourself study for those who want to dig in for themselves. It is jam-packed with prompts and tools for in-depth study based on the CLOSER method.

CLOSER Path Workbooks


    A CLOSER Look at New Life

    Have you just begun your journey or faith or are you sensing the need to firm up your foundation? This workbook and video series is the first book in our Discipleship Path. Learn the foundations of faith such as our new position, new identity, and new purpose.


    A CLOSER Look at Grace

    Ever wonder what it means to be under grace?  Do you know how to grow by grace?  This workbook and video series is the second step in the Discipleship Path.  Each lesson comes with truths for growth and application for today. Learn about your new power, privileges, and service for growth.


    A CLOSER Look at Service

    A fruitful life is characterized by stewardship: stewardship of your time, talents and treasures. Now that you have learned foundational truths and have learned how to grow in grace, you are ready to start using your gifts to serve others. This workbook is the third workbook in our Discipleship Path.


    A CLOSER Look at Discipleship

    Discipleship is about transformation in the life of another for the purpose of growing CLOSER to God. Learn some biblical principles about effective disciple making. This is the fourth workbook within our Discipleship Path.

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