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Get to know the needs of each stage!


Beginning Stage

You are new to the faith and are eager to learn about God and His Church.

Truth: There are foundations of the faith that will help your roots to grow deep. Find a group or workbook that will help.

Habits: With a new faith come new habits: Bible study and prayer. These habits will help you to grow closer to God and others.

Family: You are now part of a new family: the Church, or body of Christ. Make regular attendance a priority so that you can begin to learn your role in the family.


Growing Stage

You are ready to grow in your understanding of the Word and how it applies to your life.

Understanding: Our path towards spiritual growth has been made new. No longer are we bound to external rules. Instead, Jesus made growth through grace possible. 

Connection: You need accountability for growing in truth. Join a small group that focuses on growth.

Service: You were made for a purpose. Start serving on Sunday mornings to experience the joy of being His hands and feet.


Maturing Stage

You want to use what you have learned to be fruitful.

Teamwork: You are ready to make a commitment to a ministry team so that you can fine-tune your calling.

Depth: You have a good understanding of biblical principles and are ready to use those principles to deepen your study of His Word.

Calling: As you use your gifts in a team, you begin to clarify your passions and talents that compliment your gift. Your calling is emerging.

Wild Path
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