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Our Discipleship Path

We offer studies and resources for every stage.

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Beginning Stage

You are new to the faith and are eager to learn about God and His Church.

Connection: Beginning your journey can be overwhelming.

You need someone to walk the path with you.

Truth: There are foundations of the faith that will help your roots to grow deep. We offer a foundational study with a caring leader.

Habits: How do you connect with your Heavenly Father?

We'll show you spiritual habits that will help.

Two foundational studies are available: one to do with us and one to do with your mentor.


You have identified a mentor from your local church body who is willing to walk the next part of the journey with you.


Growing Stage

You are ready to grow in your understanding of the Word and how it applies to your life.

Group Life: You are eager to connect with your new spiritual family. Joining a small group is the best way. We have groups for you to join or resources you can use with your own church group.

Understanding: Jesus made grace possible. What does that mean and how can it help you to grow? We offer a workbook for this stage.

Service: You were made for a purpose. Take our spiritual gift inventory to identify how you are suited to serve in your local church.

Connect with a group through our study of Grace. Discover your gifts through our spiritual gift inventory.


You have joined a group, identified your spiritual gifts and begun serving in your local church.


Maturing Stage

You want to use what you have learned to be fruitful.

Teamwork: You are ready to make a commitment to a ministry team so that you can fine-tune your calling.

Depth: You have a good understanding of biblical principles and are ready to use those principles to deepen your study of His Word.

Calling: As you use your gifts in a team, you begin to clarify your passions and talents that compliment your gift. Your calling is emerging.

We offer a study on effective service. We also provide a self-assessment to identify opportunities for growth.


You have made a ministry plan and are digging deep into God's Word for yourself so that you can pass it along effectively.


Equipping Stage

You are ready to help others grow in their faith and learn their purpose.

Discipleship: You have walked the path and seen fruit.

You are ready to help others to do the same.

Wisdom: You have had success over your struggles and want to see others with similar struggles do the same.

Leadership: You may not categorize yourself as a leader, but you have used your gifts enough to lead at least one other person.

Our CLOSER Podcast, Disciple Makers Handbook, and DIY Study Workbook will equip you to be an effective disciple-maker.


You are leading, teaching, or discipling someone, somewhere. You are a disciple-maker!

Wild Path

You'll get access to all of our resources.

And yeah, it's free.