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Learn how to build a CLOSER Community in your home church.


Our Women's Ministry Team at Grace is made up of some very gifted leaders and teachers. So we asked the question, "How did they get to be this way?" Was it giftedness? Was there something in their experience that made them this way? 

As with most people, the answer was yes to both. Their giftedness and their experience led them to be great teachers and leaders. You can't replicate giftedness, that's a God thing, but you can replicate experience.


Interestingly, we saw that these great leaders and teachers had a similar experience: a community of believers who faithfully studied God's Word together. Not just a group, but a community of groups.


Community is powerful. Community is life giving. Community is what the church is to be about. We can all read a good book or watch a great speaker to help us to grow in our walk, but nothing grows us like a local body of believers getting serious about their walk together and holding us accountable. To see multiple groups in our own church growing and thriving is inspiring and encouraging. 

That is what CLOSER Communities are all about. Groups of believers within their local church coming together regularly to dig deep into God's Word and to build relationships that will inspire them and equip them to live a life that is transformed by Jesus.


You may not have multiple groups. You may have come to this page because you have one group, but you hope it to be more. That is great! To get started, all it takes is one group. If you already have multiple groups, then the next step will be easy for you. Either way, download this Getting Started Guide and get planning! If you need guidance along the way, we are here for you. 

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Training Podcast

A CLOSER Look at Discipleship is the training arm of our ministry. Everything from the why of things to the nuts and bolts of administration is talked about here. More importantly you will hear trainings on topics such as leading a group, discipling effectively, and even how to develop a teaching. We believe mature believers need to be equipped just as much as growing believers. Because after all, there is so much good work to be done! John 4:35

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