What's different about the CLOSER Look Bible Series?

We know there are so many good Bible studies out there.  So why use our CLOSER Look Series?

For one, they are perfectly matched to meet believers at the MATURING Stage of Spiritual Growth.  That means the questions are designed to help them dig in deeply to God's Word and apply it for greater transformation in areas that are relevant to them today.  

Second, we value Bible literacy and these workbooks are designed to not only teach key Biblical truths, but also HOW to study your Bible.  The CLOSER acronym teaches key types of questions every Bible student should know and be able to use for themselves.

Third, woven into every week are disciple-centered conversation starters and tips to guide the disciple makers as they guide their disciple's growth.  No more Bible study for the sake of knowledge and no more surface level relationships!  The CLOSER method ensures growth!

The CLOSER Look Bible series is a powerful tool for DOING, not just learning about discipleship.

Summer Series Starting June 14

Do you find contentment always just out of your reach?  Do you long to find joy and peace in your circumstances and relationships?  This 8-week study of the book of Philippians will walk you through how the Apostle Paul learned contentment in all things.

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CLOSER Discipleship Groups are designed to teach, equip, and transform you.  Our groups for the Philippians study are full. But, that does not mean you have to miss everything! Join us on our Closer Facebook page to see the weekly commentary and hear the weekly teaching.

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Other Studies

Want to try something else?  All of our free downloadable workbooks are linked below.


At some point in life, you will be tried.  You will experience suffering, or pain, or the loss of something dear.   In those times you may ask God why or you may question His goodness.  To endure, you will need to understand the purpose of suffering. In this 4 week study of 1 Peter, you will walk through Peter's words of encouragement to hurting believers as well as look at his own story of trial and restoration.

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The world has a lot to say about confidence.   But what does God have to say?  You may be surprised to know that confidence is addressed in the Bible.  It's quietly tucked in the pages of Colossians.  In this 6-week study, you will learn how to find steadfast faith, unshakeable identity, and a focused purpose for your life.  Learn how having Christ-confidence gives us confidence in all things.

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Have you ever wondered what THAT book of the Bible was about or wanted to study your Bible more closely, but didn't know how?  This workbook is a do-it-yourself study for those who want to dig in for themselves, but would like a little guidance.  This workbook is jam packed with prompts and tools for in-depth study based on the CLOSER method.  So grab your Bible, a friend, and wonder no more!

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