Grace on YouVersion

We will walk you through the steps to access Grace's events on the YouVersion Bible app and how to save events so you can access them at a later date.

YouVersion Home Screen

Once you have downloaded the YouVersion Bible app from the app store and installed it on your phone (you can get more information and support here), your Bible app home screen will look something like this.

Access Events from More menu

Select More from your home screen to access YouVersion Events.

Go to Events

Select Events on the More menu.

Select Grace Community Church

Select Grace Community Church from the Events page. You can enter Grace Community Church into the search bar to find us from anywhere.

Here is our event!

This brings you into Grace's event! Events are available to view up to a week before the event takes place  until the end time of the event (this is set by the event organizer). After the event has ended, the event will disappear from your Bible App. You need to save the event in order to access it at a later time.

Save Our Event

To save the event so you can access it at a later date, simply select Save on the upper right-hand corner or the event screen. This saves this one event, you will need to do this each week if you want to save every event.